On The Cusp Of Silly Season

On the cusp of silly season is lost on those without an inkling of what my job entails. The magnitude of Christmas party season poised to ignite defies explanation. I could say I’ll be busy, I’m always busy, busy isn’t silly. Silly is working 18 days straight, working 80 hours a week, getting home at 4 am, showering and heading back to work. Silly is loading and unloading 3 cargo vans in the middle of night, silly is brewing hot chocolate at 2:30 am, loading 7,000 pastries out at 6:30 am and serving canapes to 2,400 guests at the ballet. Silly is how many pounds of turkey and bottles of wine we’ll transport in the next three weeks.

Image result for office christmas parties

Those of us crazy enough to embrace my profession live for silly season. Surviving Christmas party season is a badge of honour, we live for silly season. The more extreme, physically challenging, convoluted, impossible timelines or elaborate execution, the better. Bring it on! It’s silly season and I’m stoked. See you in a few weeks.

8 thoughts on “On The Cusp Of Silly Season

  1. When you reach the top of the hill you’ll look down upon the other climbers slaving to the top.

    When you’re going down the other side …
    … you (dare I say it?) are over the hill.

    Dammit. I’ve crested … good luck~!

    (Go get ’em, Tiger!)

  2. I so don’t miss it! lol! But give you tons of credit … I love the hospitality industry or wouldn’t have done it 24/7 for 49 years! And I love that now I can pick and choose clients to “play” with! Happy Silly Season!

    • This hospitality lifer gave up trying to explain why I do it years ago. I’ll be 59 in a few days and still walk 8-10 kilometers over the span of an average wedding or corporate event. (according to my step counter the one day record is 32 Km ) It keeps my physically fit, mentally stimulated. I’m not quite ready to pick and choose, my strokes still feed on conquering chaos. Sigh. 🙂

  3. Hang in there Notes. Your personal mars landing; 24×7 behind controls. And who knows, more awesome war stories. I’m ending a 6 month’s 12 hour days stint at the end of next week. With the vow to take it easier in 2019. Ha ha! Won’t happen.

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