Dear America, Please Watch This Video

Dear America,

Despite several attempts to reach you, previous requests to watch a clip from The Newsroom remain unanswered. Understandably there’s a lot on your mind. I know how difficult it is to pull yourselves away from Trump tweets, partisan jibber-jabber, criminal investigations and threat of  government shut down if your leader doesn’t get his wall. That said, surely you can spare six minutes to watch this video. If America matters to you, watch to remember what you once cared about…..


12 thoughts on “Dear America, Please Watch This Video

  1. Yeah, seen that video many times. I guess it’s geared to Americans, I’m, well, naturalized Canadian, and I’ve actually studied real American history. News flash: America NEVER was the greatest country in the world, never even close. America (a place without a real national name, by the way… hint?) has always been at war, mostly against its own people, against blacks, against natives, against its poor and Hispanic members. It has warred endlessly against individuals who sought different political options to a capitalistic mercenary duopoly, against non-religious options or non-conforming (non WASP or Catholic) sexual orientation for themselves. America is and always was a misogynist, overtly racist dictatorship,except it hid it under massive propaganda and patriotic blindfolds. America was “the greatest” in the Muhamed Ali sense: by flexing expensive, deadly and bloody military muscle all over the world, subduing, destroying democracies and replacing them with Empire friendly dictators. What America gained in consumerism, it lost in imperial expansion and being mired in unwinnable wars. America (no name brand nation, I need to repeat) is nothing more than a capitalist corporation without morals, without national direction or focus, without scruples about screwing anything that it encounters or moves if a monetary profit can be wrung from it. That is the “greatness” of America. It never was anything else. Time for Americans to cut to the chase and deal with their unsustainable monster movie; their Glob.

  2. I mentioned before being impressed by this one, somewhere else, sometime … and was smugly told that I’d not only accepted the red herring, I’d gulped it down whole.

    Be that as it may, I still like it.
    If it is really acted, they did it very well indeed. Puts me in mind a bit of that scene in “Scent of a Woman” when the blind guy is reading the nice self-righteous smug officials their horoscopes—

    I also especially love that tango scene…

    (is she foxy, or what?)

    … I must get round to seeing the whole movie some day (but believe I may be disappointed.)

  3. As for the Jeff Daniels clip, it’s obviously acted, but it gives so much room for commenting; throws the discussion wide open. I can understand why Americans need to believe their country is, or at least was, the greatest in the world, but what a masterstroke of blinding patriotic propaganda on the part of the banksters, the corporate media and all the reactionary forces that are the backbone of America’s political reality. Blarghhhh! Gag me!

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