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For the past eight years the last holiday party of the year falls a few days before Christmas with the same corporate client. We deck the halls for eighty employees at head office of this grocery/drug store chain with anticipation of their appreciation and our eminent release from party season. We provide prime rib, baked ham, turkey dinner with all the fixings. They provide a truck load of cheese/meat deli platters, dozens of sushi platters, 30 boxes of mandarin oranges, a plethora of cakes, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages. The understanding being we deliver leftover bounty to a homeless mission or soup kitchen.

So far so good, head office employees eat themselves into blissful comas, we start packing everything for the mission. Without fail a handful of vultures start to circle. Well mannered scroungers receive polite reminders leftovers are destined for charitable donation, sneaky scavengers are shamed when we point them out to corporate management. Professional temperance prevents me from shouting “What’s wrong with you! ” Truly a mind boggling spectacle to witness human nature at its worst, glutinous employees gorging on free lunch then plotting to deny the homeless.

This afternoon oblivious ignorance reached a new low. Female employee enters room, doesn’t make eye contact or say a word, starts rummaging through stacks of platters set aside for the mission. “Can I help you?” She turns to face me holding a large platter of sushi, uttering “I have a party tonight, going to take this with me”. I doubt she’ll ever know what happened next solidified her place in my ledger of shame, that her shallow insensitivity spawned Quote Of The Day ponders.

“All leftovers are going to Union Gospel Mission” I said.

“Homeless people don’t eat sushi” she replied, and marched out of the room.


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5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Unbelievable that that woman had the arrogance to think she could just pick up a tray of sushi as if she were entitled to it! I don’t blame you for being distressed – homeless people don’t eat sushi?? Starving people will consume almost anything to stay alive. May she burn in the netherworld with others of her kind!

    By the way, you mentioned in your “About Me” section that you needlepoint. What projects do you have going these days? Any photos? I enjoy needlepointing but my primary love is cross-stitch. Thanks, and thank you also for following my blog.

  2. I have pretty much given up having any expectations of people, but that truly depressed me. I wish their management would videotape that area and re-educate their employees in the company ethic. There are so many times when management may have good motives but their good is undone by employees who sabotage it at every opportunity. Sad. So sad.

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