15th Detached Foot

15 running shoes containing detached human feet washed up on British Columbia shores since 2007. News of the 15th broke on February 11, 2019 when West Vancouver police and the British Columbia Coroner Service issued a plea for public assistance in identifying the missing person who wore this Nike men’s size 9.5 sneaker with an OrthoLite insert. Trouble is number 15 landed on a West Vancouver beach in September, 2018, so why did authorities wait 5 months before going public?

Officially 10 of 15 detached feet are identified as belonging to 7 people who died by accident or suicide, 5 remain a mystery. Be that as it may, where are the rest of their bodies? Feet only detach from water logged bodies when they’re encased in a running shoe? Why a cluster of detached feet in Southwestern B.C.? Why 5 months between finding #15 and going public? Surely there’s a reasonable explanation, unfortunately what that might be remains ponderously elusive.

Another foot, the 15th since 2007, washes up on a B.C. beach


16 thoughts on “15th Detached Foot

  1. Everyone of these hides a human drama. A few years back body trunks in wetsuits washed up in Norway. After investigation they belonged to fit and strong refugees who though they could swim the 30 km channel between France to the UK to start a new life in peace and without fear. They drowned and drifted for many months. All that remains is broken and destroyed families stuck in a world that builds walls and lets people willingly drown. We are a low point in history.

    • Agreed, that we are at “a low point in history”. But then, we are always at a low point in history.

      More to the point, why are we at a low point in history and what can we do about it?

      When the going gets low, the low get going—and unfortunately for them some get nibbled by sharks and things. God’s will, and all that …

      • I’m OK with sharks, they are just doing their thing. Turns out that human idiots are also just doing their thing. Perhaps I should do a good deed today. Butterfly effect and all that.

      • Detached feet encased in running shoes aren’t a product of aquatic nibblers. Something truly foul is afoot and humanity doesn’t appear bothered. A truly depressing realization.

    • I shudder to think of what led to a single detached foot washed up on a beach being the only remnant of a human life. Around here detached feet are as commonplace as U.S. mass shootings. Humanity is truly messed up.

    • Agreed. You live in the Lower Mainland so you know that authorities have never said who these identified missing persons were. The public doesn’t know if there’s a pattern such as gay men, downtown eastside women or international travelers.

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