2 thoughts on “Timelapse Of The Future

  1. I’ve made a note and shall watch this some time in the future.

    I know nothing of physics (beyond high school) but as far as any two tangible objects sharing the same coordinates in Time/Space at the same time and place in space (don’t stop me now, I feel a song coming on) all I can ever envisage is at best disruption.

    Then again, perhaps the Great Gods do allow it, and accommodate it by creating entire new universes “somewhere else”~?

    “Mr Einstein, Sir?”
    “Yes, Mr Argus?”
    “How do atomic bombs work, Sir?”
    ” … oops … a toughie … let me see now, in simple terms that even a dog can understand, you try to get two atomic type mini-molecule bits to share the same place at the same ti— “

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