Who’s Killing the World?

Embrace Serendipity

Why is it that we humans are in such a big hurry to place blame.Who's Killing the World When things aren’t just the way we want them it seems the most logical thing in the world to blame someone else for whatever has happened.  From our earliest days as a child when Mom or Dad find us with mud all over our clothes, or when we’ve tried to drown the neighbor’s cat — it seems the easiest, most natural thing to say, “It’s Johnny’s fault” or “It’s Sarah’s fault” or it’s the bogeyman’s fault!

In recent years I’ve heard that “Millennials are killing…”  and then the noun  of the hour is inserted as appropriate to the immediate circumstance.  Whatever is wrong is somehow the fault of the generation coming up.  When I was younger the faults of the world have been the responsibility of:

  • Gen X
  • Gen Y
  • Hippies
  • Rock & Roll
  • Baby…

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