Dear America, Please Watch This Video

I’ll reblog this video to the end of time or the day America listens, whichever comes first.


Dear America,

Despite several attempts to reach you, previous requests to watch a clip from The Newsroom remain unanswered. Understandably there’s a lot on your mind. I know how difficult it is to pull yourselves away from Trump tweets, partisan jibber-jabber, criminal investigations and threat of  government shut down if your leader doesn’t get his wall. That said, surely you can spare six minutes to watch this video. If America matters to you, watch to remember what you once cared about…..

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3 thoughts on “Dear America, Please Watch This Video

  1. “I want a human moment from you” — well he sure got that.

    This is a hard-hitting speech and definitely deserves people’s attention. I posted it myself a couple of years ago. Too much popular “thinking” on this subject is just mindless clichés.

    You might also find this one of interest, along somewhat similar lines.

    • It was SO GOOD, I’ve watched it in entirety at least three times – brilliant writing, acting ( Jeff Daniels, need I say more) honesty and pulse of politics/media in America. Yet most people I mention the show to, never heard of, let alone watched a single episode. Makes me grumpy! Hugs

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