Taylor Swift Me

Taylor Swift has a secret power, the ability to fill a dance floor with wedding guests. Obscure as it may be, that’s no small feat. Her 2014 hit “Shake It Off” joins Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline in the wedding DJ hall of fame. Don’t argue with me, I speak from experience – it’s a fact.

Today Taylor Swift released her song “Me”, I doubt she realizes how it will impact the wedding world. Mark my words – within a few weeks “Me” will serenade newlyweds on their entrance to ballroom head tables, solidify itself as first dance tune of choice, fill dance floors and elicit boisterous drunken sing-a-longs.

Kudos Taylor, weddings thank you for injecting fresh air into the DJ hall of fame.

3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Me

  1. I have a sneaky liking for Taylor Swift, and I’m not the target demographic, am I? You may be amused to know that in one of my locals I am known as Uptown Dunk in homage to Bruno Mars. I really like that track, it genuinely sounds like mid 70s funk.
    Anything, pretty much anything at all, the keeps Hi Ho Silver Lining off the decks, is good.

  2. Taylor Swift has done some great stuff (and I’m surely not the target demographic either). I never particularly associated her music with weddings, though. She’s never been married herself, has she?

    It’s incredible that the Alt-Right ever thought she might be one of them. Nazis do do music, but not this kind.

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