Without Religion There Would be Less Sin, not More.


  • Reverse psychology is a tool for the young and feeble minded? Not really. It works well on nearly everyone (do you want to go to hell) “Don’t do this, and don’t do that, do what they tell you to, don’t want the devil to come out out your eyes”—Roger Hodgson Religion makes me think the founders just wanted to get their freak-on by making everything a sin, creating even greater allure. “We value people and things unavailable to us—things we can’t have”.
  • “Lord give me chastity—but not today—Saint Augustine

    In order for godto pursue the maximum pleasure by proxy of thingshe cannot have, forbidding a natural occurrenceproduces miles of pay-dirtfor his viewing pleasure—it increases the things he observes. And he watches everything—things he cannot touch or experience in this vileworld.

    Want to populate a world with eight billion people to revel in the…

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