Perversion Files

According to court files, Boy Scouts of America began documenting allegations of sexual abuse in 1944. BSA created an “ineligible volunteer” file, commonly known as “perversion files”, in which 7,819 alleged sexual abusers had their registration with BSA revoked for reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct.  Boy Scouts of America perversion files list 12,254 victims of alleged sexual abuse. Despite vehement BSA assurances “every instance of suspected abuse is reported to law enforcement”,  BSA never alerted the community and only released perversion files under court order.

Just as the Catholic Church scuttles pedophile clergy about when raised eyebrows threaten their indifference to rampant abuse, BSA feigns action to preserve their reputation.  What will it take to realize pedophiles gravitate to positions of power over children?

An expert hired by the Boy Scouts of America has said she identified 7,819 alleged abusers among its...