Send Your Name To Mars

NASA invites the public to send their name to Mars. Names submitted by September 30, 2019 travel on the next Mars Rover Mission, expected to launch summer 2020. NASA will use a electron beam to etch submitted names onto silicone chips. With lines of text smaller than one thousandth the width of a human hair, each dime sized chip can contain over a million names. Engraved chips ride along with Rover under a glass cover. From EarthSky –

After submitting your name, NASA will send you a souvenir boarding pass and “frequent flyer” points. Miles/kilometers are awarded for each flight, with digital mission patches available to download. 

Image of rad planet Mars with a rectangular white ticket on top of it.

Follow the link above to send your name to Mars.


15 thoughts on “Send Your Name To Mars

  1. Billions of years in the future, archaeologists of some visiting alien species will find those chips full of names in the rover, and will never be able to figure out what the hell they were for.

  2. If I ever had any respect for NASA – I doubt it though – that bit of blatant commercialism just threw it out the window. Shame on NASA – to so openly take commercial advantage of fools. I have no longer any doubt that the many claims of NASA corruption as a would-be scientific enterprise are true. And they already did send Matt Damon there as mentioned so how could I compete with that? I can’t even grow a garden here on earth!

    • Take commercial advantage of fools? How? This fool sent her name to Mars, NASA isn’t selling merchandise or asking for money, all they’re doing is raising awareness of cosmic wonder. Make no mistake, I’ll smile like a fool when looking at images of Mars Rover 2020, knowing my name soldiers across the Martian landscape with names of millions other like minded people who take time to gaze upwards with wonder.
      As for NASA corruption – I challenge you to find a single credible, fact checked example of corruption. Anti-NASA propaganda is perpetrated by right wing media in support of climate denial. They target NASA and NOAA because it suits their corporate/political bottom line, not truth or collective good of a nation.

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