Gunning For The Jibber-Jabber Grand Prize

Seems I twisted a few gun metal gray panties. Silly Canadian, what was I thinking? Who but an idealistic fool posts a question on Quora asking Americans if they’re bothered by the Virginia Beach massacre taking 148th place in number of 2019 U.S. mass shootings.

Reaction was swift and prolific, capsulated in overwhelming contempt. “Are you a stupid child?”, “Go crawl in a hole somewhere”, “It doesn’t impact my life, why are you making false claims?”, “Do you enjoy being a liar?”, “You’re a weak minded pussy”, “Cry to someone who cares” – those are the nice comments. No measure of “easy now” could placate collective wrath.

Take a deep breath, I said. This isn’t a personal attack, can we exchange perspectives without resorting to juvenile bullying? Apparently not. “You’re pathetic” they quipped. “A pathetic fool repeating lies by self interested political agendas”. Excuse me? You take issue with the definition of mass shooting? Only 3, not 148 in 2019, you say? Wikipedia says –

Wikipedia says –

“There are many definitions of a mass shooting:

Mass Shooting Tracker: 4+ shot in one incident, at one location, at roughly the same time.


Gun Violence Archive: 4+ shot in one incident, excluding the perpetrator(s), at one location, at roughly the same time.


Vox: 4+ shot in one incident, excluding the perpetrator(s), at one location, at roughly the same time.



USA Today: 4+ shot and killed in one incident, at one location, at roughly the same time (same as the FBI‘s “mass killing” definition).


Mother Jones: 3+ shot and killed in one incident, excluding the perpetrator(s), at a public place, excluding gang-related killings.


The Washington Post: 4+ shot and killed in one incident, excluding the perpetrator(s), at a public place, excluding gang-related killings.


Only incidents considered mass shootings by at least two of the above definitions are listed.”

Interested in reviewing their tally of events linked below?

No? I’m still a stupid child?

Not since posting support for abortion rights and being told I deserved to watch everyone I loved murdered before my eyes to teach me a lesson, have I encountered such absurd jibber-jabber. Fortunately this Canadian can turn and walk away.

20 thoughts on “Gunning For The Jibber-Jabber Grand Prize

  1. Just looked at the stats you linked.

    Wow! There were more shots on target than either Liverpool or Tottenham managed in last nights’ Champions League final.

    Maybe their respective managements should send out some talent scouts?

    • Not so fast, remember I’m a liar fabricating truth. Bastions of American truth and freedom assure this delusional pussy mass shootings are rare, only 3 transpired in 2019. Shame on the fool who believes otherwise. Knock yourself out America!

      • In light of your delusion it is only right and proper and decent that the NRA donate at least 1000 guns to help protect all municipal buildings in the Virginia Beach area.

      • Duh! After all the Virginia Beach massacre played out in a “gun free” zone. according to my cluster of “great” American bullies, this contributed to loss of life. Stupid Canadian pussy! Obviously ambushed office workers would still be breathing if only they had a pistol.

    • Arkenaten, I have some time on my hands and to take this even further off topic than your comment about managers looking for fresh talent, Liverpool’s team at least is fully loaded with talent and had a fantastic season, losing only one game out of 38. Despite this they came second in the League standings by just one point.

      To get to the Champions League Final they had to get past Barcelona in a two leg Semi Final. Losing 3-0 in the away leg they achieved an incredible come back at home to win 4-3 on aggregate. Perhaps you missed that game.

      The lack of shots on goal in the Final from both sides could also mean that the defenders on both teams were so good that it was very hard for the attacking players to get through. The final game in tournaments in any sport is very often not a very exciting game. I have found that this particularly applies to Grand Slam tennis.

      • M shots on goal comment was just a bit of fun.
        I’ve been Liverpool fan for more years than I can remember, I reckon I know how the game works by now.

  2. I had to read an entire article until I found this in the last sentence.

    Several vigils are being planned in churches throughout Virginia Beach.

    Ah ….God bless ’em!

  3. I just saw a stat that said that there were 611 gun deaths in Canada (can’t remember what year). That’s too many! In my opinion, we need more gun laws! All one can do is shake one’s head when confronted with that, “It’s my RIGHT to carry a gun!” To so many of them, individual rights override responsible citizenship and who can get through that mentality?

  4. I just researched this on Quora, which I follow too, and I found,I think, the question and those answers you refer to. I was amazed at the stupidity and more so, the bullying attitude of these gun loving nuts.

    My attitude now about so much is “bring it on.” I’m sick to death of trump and his supporters, the religious right and their arrogance and bigotry, the climate change deniers and their greed and these gun nuts and their almost sexual lust for their weapons.

    The human race is a mess and I think it’s time the experiment ended, as it was not a success.
    These commenters in Quora make the point.

  5. Lots of gun “enthusiast” in the US and it seems like a fetish to most of us. The 2nd amendment should have been more specific. They were writing in poetry when they should have been writing legal prose.
    They got so much right, but inevitably so much wrong also.

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