Moon Hoax Not

Shout out to for prompting this ponder. As nobodysreadingme points out – you can’t do a cover-up on this scale. A casual observation beyond reproach, he’s right – you can’t do a cover-up on this scale.

July 21, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong’s momentous first step on the Moon. Fifty years increasingly over shadowed by conspiracy wing-nuts. News flash – you can’t do a cover-up on this scale! For those inclined to gobble tabloid sawdust, persons swayed by internet jibber-jabber, people parroting fake Moon landing nonsense – snap out of it! You can’t do a cover-up on this scale.

What will it take to convince fake Moon landing conspiracy theorists otherwise? This video? Point by patient point analysis at the link below? Who am I kidding?

How about this? You can’t do a cover-up on this scale!

9 thoughts on “Moon Hoax Not

      • Until they figured out how to make the parachutes the right size of course the first attempts were quietly ‘buried’ …

        —or not. Let everyone believe wot she will, after all the old saying still holds a bit true:

        “Hee hoo alleges must prove”

        I for one, crank as I undoubtedly am, actually believe in them landings. (But the other cranks still put forward a pretty good case for the astronuts seeing something a wee bit unexpected up there.)

        We gotta have our dreams, no? (So long as we don’t hurt nobody—and poking nuts with a stick is fun too …)

      • Wasn’t it the ground-breaking first one? Before it all became routine … and them ‘moon-men’ scared ’em off from returning?

        Hah! Just wait until the Chinese come back with sacks of green cheese …

  1. What will it take, you ask, to convince them otherwise? The same thing, I suppose, that it will take to convince Holocaust deniers that the Holocaust really, really did happen, and 6 million Jews really did die. Or that children really did die at Sandy Hook Elementary School. People seem so bored they have to create their own excitement. The pity is those fools who fall for these stupid conspiracy theories. Sigh.

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