Cuba Calling….

Ah vacation, weeks of planning, simmering expectation and promise about to become reality. This time next week we’ll be in Havana at Mercure Sevilla (pictured below)

Three nights in Havana, a flight to Santiago de Cuba later, four nights at Casa Granda to experience Carnival.

Next we hire a driver to take us to Trinidad de Cuba, a distance of roughly 600 Km. The fact we have to spend 3 nights at “all inclusive” pictured below, is over shadowed by adventure of driving there.

Time to hire another driver, back to Havana for two nights at Estancia Bohemia –

From Havana, a flight to Toronto for Caribana –

Home on August 4th.

Words fail to describe how much Notes needs a vacation. I’m exhausted, Cuba promises to put everything right.

5 thoughts on “Cuba Calling….

  1. I’ve been to upwards to 38 countries, and Cuba is still uppermost. I wasn’t too fond of Havana, but it;s attractive, no question. But elsewhere, having twin dwarf hookers proposition me and my wife. As travellers’ tales go, that’s a good one isn’t it?

  2. Cuba used to be a big ‘no-no’ … but time moves on. Enjoy your stay, and I understand they do interesting things with cold bananas and rums—I’ve never been there but am looking forward to your posts!

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