Now Be Fair

A few minutes ago my head exploded. Tempered debate of racism focused on recent Trump remarks suggesting four Congresswomen of colour go back to their native country. Polite reminders, all but one (Somali born representative Omar) were born in America, met begrudging acknowledgement. Then this, a comment so absurd violent brain splatter erupted without apology –

“Now be fair!

None of the 20 or so women that have accused Trump of sexual assault or rape are women of colour.

Surely this shows he greatly respects them compared to white women?”

Pardon me? Were you dropped on your head? WTF!!!!!

Trump Tweets That Democratic Congresswomen of Color Aren’t American

9 thoughts on “Now Be Fair

  1. Every time I read something written by this Nob I have to remind myself he was elected to office. And then I think, well …. Jacob Zuma was also elected to office.

    And this is why I (generally) try to avoid politics like the plague.

  2. Hello Notes. I an not sure who is more deluded and bigoted, tRump or his cult like followers. But I agree , from what he has said, the attacks he has made, and his demeanor around them all show he doesn’t respect females and he dislikes females of color even more. Hugs

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