Bad People Doing Bad Things …

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red circleLook at the circle above.  What colour do you see?  What?  Red?  No, I call that blue … definitely blue.  You still claim it’s red?  Then you will not be allowed to speak about the colour of the circle, for your view does not match my own, and thus is wrong.

Dr. Rod Schoonover was a senior intelligence analyst with the U.S. State Department and is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.  Last week, Dr. Schoonover left the employ of the State Department.  Why?  Because he is a scientist.  Because he looked at that circle and called it red, even though Donald Trump and his administration warned him to say it was blue.  And then, Trump taped his mouth so he couldn’t say it was red.  And Dr. Schoonover decided he had enough and resigned his position.Rod SchoonoverDr. Schoonover was invited to speak before the House Permanent Select Committee on…

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7 thoughts on “Bad People Doing Bad Things …

  1. Someone posted a jesus miracle here on WP and I provided a reasonable explanation for the miracle. They act like I insulted them. They want to believe their guy and that’s good enough. The entire political system (and economy) is a system of fraud perpetrated on everyone, by everyone. The only reason it works is because they want it to. On the other hand, life is pretty good here in spite of all the press mongers.

  2. Donald J(enius) Trump is proving to be the dangerous fascist that we all though he was from the start.

    All those chanting Americans will need to account for their blind support one day. Wake up folks!!!

    For reference: Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical right-wing, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.)

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