Nappy Appy

Today, Pampers introduced Lumi, a “smart diaper” scheduled for release later this year. In collaboration with Logitech and Verify (formerly Google Life Sciences, a research company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet ) smart diapers are designed to track babies’ personal information soon after birth.

Included with purchase of Lumi are two packs of diapers, two WIFI enabled reusable detachable sensors for monitoring sleep patterns and detecting urine or stool, a wide angle HD video monitor with night vision and two way audio to track room temperature and humidity. Translation – doting parents get an alert from Lumi when diapers need changing! Has the world gone mad?

Google subsidiary and Pampers launch creepy smart diaper which tracks soiled diapers, sleep patterns, and more

Anyone remember Tamagotchi? Handheld devices popular in the 90s, virtual pets whose “health meter” required constant attention? Meters compelling children to walk, feed or play with pixelated pets to maintain digital health? See where I’m going? The Tamagotchi generation is all grown up, older not wiser and ripe for diaper apps.

It’s bad enough people worship smart home technology, Alexa do this, Alexa do that. Now we need an app telling us when diapers are soiled? What’s next, text alerts warning time to feed, hug or play with your child? Analytics calculating optimum minutes of personal interaction with family? Smarten up people!

9 thoughts on “Nappy Appy

  1. Like Pepperidge Farms; We remember.
    I still have one of those blasted Tamagotchis!

    I got so bored with it (at the time), but I couldn’t toss the stupid toy away.
    It’s probably “like new” because I remember reinstalling the plastic strip for the battery, before tossing it in a box somewhere.

    As for technology invading children’s diapers; well, that’s a load of poop.

    *** doesn’t mean its any less true, mind you.

  2. If we failed to notice the look of serious concentration as the nappy was being filled then my kids generally bawled their heads off when they needed changing.
    And of course there was the smell!

  3. Are they missing a trick? They could doctor up the kitty-litter box, reinvent the disposable mat for the bird-cage; even come up with something delicate for the ladies to warn ’em if there’s any chance of untimely catastrophe in public. As for senile old poops … the mind boggles, the sky’s the limit and there could be fortunes to be made for the astute.

  4. I saw the article about this earlier today and had the same thought you did … has the world gone nuts? People will become so dependent on technology for every little thing that one of these days, when our power grid is compromised, they will not even be able to function without electricity to tell them when to change the kid’s poopy diaper. Sheesh.

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