Bulletproof Backpack

Remember when back to school shopping was simple? New clothes, notebooks, pencil crayons, lunchbox? Nervous excitement born of what to wear the first day, not consideration of random gun violence. Fear not – bleeding heart liberals can stop whining about gun reform, bulletproof backpacks are the back to school must.

Last May, Louisiana voted overwhelmingly to amend State law banning students from wearing body armor. How progressive! Little Dick and Jane are encouraged to wear backpack armor at school and all school sanctioned events. What’s this? Poor little Jane’s parents can only afford the $100 sheet of backpack insert, hope Jane is shot in the back by a handgun because her insert won’t stop rifle bullets. What self respecting mass shooter packs a pistol? Stay strong little Jane, when bullets fly use Dick as a shield, his parents had $300 for Dick’s top of the line rifle deflecting armor.


Ponder absurdity of this image – by what stretch of imagination does aesthetically pleasing placement of a shiny red apple make it okay to flog $300 armor for back to school?

How about this from https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2014/3/31/bulletsafe-bulletproof-backpack-panels/ – NRA froth extraordinaire….

“In fact kids have a higher chance of being hurt playing any sport, even golf, than from a firearm, thanks in no small part to the numerous safety campaigns of NRA such as Eddie Eagle. That doesn’t however change the ingenious of this idea. Parents purchase all manners of equipment to keep kids safe – gates, monitors, socket plugs – so why shouldn’t we consider an item that could protect them in the unlikely event of an attack”.


Don’t mistake mention of Louisiana for isolated demand of bulletproof backpacks, the epidemic flourishes across America. My dismay reads like futuristic script of a 60’s science fiction novel, a cautionary tale chronicling collapse of social order leading to civil war, annihilation of a once dominant civilization.

Wake up people, nothing about bulletproof backpacks is okay, Children deserve better.

17 thoughts on “Bulletproof Backpack

  1. They can’t wake up, they are bred to be consumers and consumers have to consume… everything. If one bunch consumes assault rifles and bullets, another bunch has to consume body armour to counter balance and double the profits for the capitalists. A fairly simple equation. Interesting you also mention civil war for the US – I’ve been reading a lot of speculation on that happening soon. At least they won’t lack weaponry to slaughter each other.

  2. Wake up people, nothing about bulletproof backpacks is okay, Children deserve better.

    I agree. The state should provide Kevlar lined, caps, hoodies and jackets or nothing.
    Let’s not be cheap when it is our kiddies lives as stake.

  3. I was gonna comment, and then the thought occurred that really, it’s all a numbers game. You shoulder your bagga books, pocket your apple, pick a few flowers for the teacher and trip gaily off to school. And hope that you’ll reverse the process later~?

    Thank Gods I was brought up in a third-world country where other than a very rare nutcase (or imported Australian nutcase) people popping people off seem few and far between.

  4. Reminds me of snake oil salesmen. Selling a tonic to scared and ignorant people. In an active shooting situation, once the door to the classroom is breached, any sort of ‘personal protection’ is functionally irrelevant. One may as well go with the official advice given previously for the children to run around erratically and waste the gunman’s time…

  5. What a disgusting nation this has become when our children cannot even feel safe in school, and we cannot feel safe anywhere in public. Third world nations are beginning to seem like safe havens!

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