US Navy’s Guide to Commanding Negroes (1945)

All Other Persons

In recognition of the challenges in dealing with Negroes, the US Navy developed a pamphlet titled Guide To Command of Negro Naval Personnel (NAVPERS – 15092) in 1945.

The Guide notes the following:

The mission of the Naval Establishment is the protection of our country, its possessions and its interests. It includes neither social reform nor support of the personal social preferences of its personnel. In the accomplishment of this mission it is mandatory that the training and ability of all Naval personnel be utilized to the fullest.

It must be recognized that problems of race relations do exist and that they must be taken into account in plans for the prosecution of the war. In the Naval Establishment they should be viewed however solely as matters of efficient personnel utilization.

In general, the same methods of discipline, training and leadership that have long proven successful in the Naval Establishment…

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5 thoughts on “US Navy’s Guide to Commanding Negroes (1945)

  1. Hello Notes To Ponder. I do not know what the common feeling among white officers and senior enlisted toward the integration of the military, but it was an important move for the cause of equal rights. It moved the country forward greatly in ways that wouldn’t have happened without it. The military is a controlled environment so it was easier to make integrating happen. Hugs

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