Night Skies And Petroglyphs

From Harun Mehmedinovic and Gavin Heffernan at – Ancestral Nights. Filmed for Skyglow Project, a crowdfunded endeavor illustrating effects of light pollution on dark skies. Lose yourself in night skies and petroglyphs….

Carvings, structures and petroglyphs captured in this video represent ancient observance of night skies by Native Hawaiians, Paiute people of California and Puebloans of the Southwest.

Concentric white circles filling the sky over large rock with symbols carved into it.

“These petroglyphs and structures reflect the long standing interest in ancient astronomy which grew stronger as many of the tribes went from the hunter-gatherer to the agrarian societal orders. From references to the sun carved in the rock, and interest in using the sun to predict seasons (entire buildings built to serve as sundials and calendars, a critical element in the farming communities) to those of 13 moons (lunar annual calendar), to carvings of stars and constellations, interest in celestial bodies is ever present across the indigenous communities of the United States.” – Harun Mehmedinovic

20 thoughts on “Night Skies And Petroglyphs

  1. If you’re interested in such (relating olde rock carvings to the skies) you’d possibly find the works of the famed Brit crank Graham Hancock intriguing …

      • I label him a crank ‘cos he’s in the same zone as I. But he travels the world lecturing, exploring, and writing. His later works hold that there were previous (unknown to us) civilisations that created some otherwise incredible works; and whom evidences of which were effectively wiped out when an asteroid ended the last ice age (raised the sea levels by 400 feet …).

        He’s my hero …

  2. Great video…gives me such a sense of timelessness and also a bit of sadness in that the earth and the natural world is so utterly beautiful and had/has such potential and we are “blowing it.”

    Is there a link to this Graham Hancock?

  3. Watched it..seems interesting plausible, but the comments made me wonder…some were very odd and made no sense to me…
    I would also wonder how mainstream archeology feels about these premises..

    Not discounting it, but I’m leary of too much “woo.”

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