Righteous Gemstones

It’s been a while since HBO caught my attention. Allow me to introduce the Righteous Gemstones…..

Holy crap! Gemstones is a new obsession. Televangelists – HBO just put you on notice. Don’t know where this is going, but oh man, so far it’s a great ride!

Sourdough Bread as a Metaphor for Contemporaneous Society

Embrace Serendipity

Sourdough LoafWhen is a hole, not a good thing? We’re talking bread here, folks.  Bread, the staff of life. Sometimes, seemingly, my reason for living. (just kidding) That aromatic concoction made of yeast and flour and water and salt, and for the best loaves nothing more.

I follow numerous bread themes — wanting to keep my “finger” on the pulse of the field, as it were.  As long as I keep my finger out of the batter… right?

Recently I’ve noticed several sourdough bakers who have been taking great pride in the airiness of their loaves. eyebrowraise_happyface16Posting pictures to “brag” about the amazing aeration of their finished products I have sometimes looked at the results with more than one raised eyebrow.

There comes a time when the ability to do something new does not guarantee a better result than has been achieved heretofore.

The topic of airspace in bread might seem…

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