False Flag

Okay so you haven’t heard of the McFiles Network, few have, it boasts a paltry 12.7 thousand followers. Trouble is there are thousands of sites just like it. We ask ourselves how Trump prevailed in 2016, convince ourselves it couldn’t possibly happen again. News flash – it can and will if we don’t stop clucking sureties that conservative America knows better than to repeat itself.

Last week ultra right wing conspiracy theorists Chris McDonald and Mark Taylor broadcast blustering agreement that Hurricane Dorian is a “false flag” created by the deep state to distract Americans from the fact former FBI Director James Comey along with un-named high level members of Obama’s administration are destined to serve time in federal prison.

“When you get these stories and all of a sudden—boom—you’ve got an almost Category 6 storm, it does not take a genius to figure out it’s called a distraction and it’s called a false flag.”

“Absolutely, brother,” agreed Taylor. “These guys are going to be indicted, they are going to go to jail, they are going to go to prison so it’s coming, guys, we just have to be patient. But it’s not by coincidence that the hordes of chaos have been released because they know their time is short.”

Chris McDonald and Mark Taylor Agreed That Hurricane Dorian Is a ‘False Flag’

McDonald and Taylor support Trump, as do countless like minded right wing bulldozers. Unless America suspends belief, acknowledges mindsets of  formidable conservative brick walls and vows to extract voter outrage from every last citizen – Trump will stain the White House in 2020.

When in need of a stinging reminder, go to Right Wing Watch linked below –


5 thoughts on “False Flag

  1. America, aka, the US of A, is a dying military-corporate empire (not a nation) rife with Zionist Neo Nazis in all the “Right” positions and ripe for a Nazi equivalent or worse, take over. Trump was the testing gound: are they ready? And they were ready. Ignorance, bigotry, racism, NRA patriotism – it’s all there. Can “Americans” back out of their collective choice to either support or do nothing? No, they cannot, no more than the Germans could once Hitler was in power. All that was left of choice was to support and/or die. All the avenues of reversing change are already effectively closed. The DNC has chosen to support Trump’s return to power by eliminating any presidential candidate who did not support the Republican agenda directed by Wall Street and the Military-Industrial forces. How long before immigrants are rounded up, paraded down the streets, mocked, jeered, have sticks and stones thrown at them before they disappear forever after providing proof that “the people” are good patriots and will do whatever their security state demands of them? Once immigrants are used up, the blacks will be next. The only thing that can stop this is a war on American soil and even then such a war would have to be quite definitive. In the Fifties it was “Better dead than red.” Now it will be “Better dead than non-white or non-Christian” or some such mob-stirring slogan. As for ordinary Jews of which “America” hosts quite a few they delude themselves if they believe they will fare any better under American Zionism than they did under Hitler. As for Canada, think Austria after March 12, 1938- Anschluss. The parallels are too unmistakable to be missed. When a majority chooses to believe such propaganda as spewed in the above video, the results cannot be in doubt. The world is closer to the “1984” scenario than ever. That’s how history is writing itself at this time and only a global natural cataclysm can change how the next chapter is written.

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