Hello Again, You Perfect Moon

Somewhere beyond rivulets of torrential rain assaulting the bedroom window, a full, plump harvest moon prickles with sunlit illumination. Consumed by late night melancholy, my heart aches for restorative lunar wonder. Doesn’t matter to me how often I’ve posted this video. I’ll do it again, and again and again because it makes me smile. This is my happy place – have you ever really seen the Moon?

15 thoughts on “Hello Again, You Perfect Moon

  1. We were all outside last night for a campfire and it was spectacular. Had to come inside, though, as it was so cold! (10 degrees). Frost this morning here. ..

      • We’ve just come through a five-day power outage because of Dorian; believe me, we got lots of rain in that storm!

      • The population of NS is just under one million people. About half of them live in/around Halifax (the capital city). The rest of us are rural Nova Scotians. I believe the number of people without power was about 400,000. ..it’s something we’re used to, and most people have generators. They share with those who don’t have one. . .one of the benefits of living in small communities is that people look out for each other. We were all just inconvenienced. . . Others in the world have it much more difficult!

  2. Great video, and I too smile every time I come back to view it thanks to you, as you first introduced it to me (and then to all those I forwarded the video on). It is the Mid-Autumn Festival in China/Asia and the harvest moon is something to see ~ even if only in your dreams or this video when the weather does not agree 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Loved the moon video – but is “Oh My God” the universal response by English speakers, the only thing they can think of to say to anything even mildly surprising? Thankfully absent here though was the particularly annoying version with the dramatic pause between the three words.

    Appropriate music – Debussy’s Clair de Lune. I followed the prompt for the next video which was “Why do we always see the same side of the moon?” And so I have added another sliver of knowledge to my pitiful collection. Thank you.


    • That “ohmigod” seems strictly American.

      I’ve been known on occasion when my own flabbers have been ghasted to bark either “Ye gods!” or “Jesu Agnosticus Christie!” but if you do so, do so with feeling (sure beats “Oh my Garrrrd!”in all its variants).

  4. There’s a saying around here, Notes. “If you’re rich, you retire on the West Coast; if you’re not, you retire on the East Coast”. We’re surrounded by people our age who’ve retired and sold their very expensive homes in other parts of the country and come here to retire — they sell their homes for half a million and buy one here for $150,000 . . . Instant pot of gold. :). (Just a thought)

  5. Wonderful video….
    I’ve been to Western Canada years ago, but have always wanted to go to the East. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Foundland etc. I imagine it is lovely.

  6. Sorely tempted to reblog this wee video … it makes me think of an adage I read somewhere to the effect that “We are mostly too busy looking at the mud we’re wading through to look up at the stars” … oh my god …

    I took some moonset snaps which are still in my camera and not at all sure that I captured what I saw (couldn’t, actually, ‘cos cameras don’t do emotion). Now I’m off to look up a word and see if it helps explain things. Don’t wait up …

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