Impeachment For Dummies


For fellow Canadians, globally curious onlookers, brick and mortar Americans – ponder impeachment for dummies. A no nonsense impeachment flowchart courtesy Buzzfeed.

Image credits: Melina Mara / the Washington Post via Getty Images (Pelosi); Drew Angerer / Getty Images (Trump); Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images (McConnell); Stephanie Keith / Getty Images (Trump); Caroline Brehman / CQ-Roll Call, Inc. via Getty Images (Pence)

16 thoughts on “Impeachment For Dummies

    • A tale of two nations – Canada dodged a bullet (right wing conservative Scheer) and re-elected left leaning Trudeau despite his pre election black/brownface controversy. America elected (and many are hell bent on re-electing) a grab women by the pussy because he can, irreverent conservative jackass who delights in mockery of all who dare suggest he’s a sleazebag. Utterly mind blowing!

  1. It’s due to mostly religion and racism..
    Two good sources are Netflix..The Family and PBS Frontline Zero Tolerance show.

    Both are destroying America…

    I think the chart will stop at the Senate…if they even vote, it won’t be enough.

  2. I believe the chart left out a few tweets. Including the stay out of jail joker card. “I’m the most innocent and harressed president since Jezus Christ’s Crucifiction and I’m moving to Russia. SAD DAY for America! Haters!

    Sorry, I’m a dreamer.

  3. I have been thinking a lot about the words (in translation) of Marcus Aurelius: “You may explode in rage, but men will still go on doing what men have always done.” Sad but true. And in a society that allows a dRump, what else shall it allow?

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