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You can say what you wish about the advantages or drawbacks about socialism, communism, capitalism, or any of the other -isms but the fact of being human is that we have — from time immemorial — been a species that cooperates with other of our species for mutual benefit.  It’s how we have survived as long as we have — not that our survival on this planet is necessarily essential to earth’s existence — because it isn’t.

Sometimes we all simply need the help of someone else.

We can deny that, or mock it, or scoff, but none of that changes the fact that when we are born we need the help of others to survive, while we are alive we need the help of others to survive, when we are old and dying we need the help of others to soldier on through, and when we die those we…

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3 thoughts on “Social Programs

  1. True, but human beings have also been TRIBAL “from time immemorial,” to the extent that help given and received is all too often restricted to our own kind, rather than without prejudice, and with empathy for all fellow humans. This is unfortunately exacerbated by leaders who pander to our worst tribal instincts in order to gain or maintain power.

    There is an old saying that “Charity begins at home” — but it doesn’t say that it should end there.

    • I was thinking along the same vein when I looked at the cartoon. How would a similar cartoon describe war? Exploitation? Genocide? The larger the group it seems, the more selfish people become. The richer the group, even more selfish. Small tribal communities went on raids of other communities, to steal, to capture slaves, sometimes to eliminate competition for hunting grounds. I think capitalism best expresses the mindset of man. People in cities, no longer needing tribal interconnection stop seeing their neighbours and consequently stop seeking their needs. Socialism (in its proper form) is an aberration among mankind and its institution never lasts very long.

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