Tears of Shame … Again

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Periodically, I write a post that begs for the title “Tears of Shame”, or some variation of that.  Since 2016, there have been eight such posts … tonight makes nine.

Healthy debate, civil discourse … I’m all for both of those.  If I make a statement, you have an opposing point of view, then fine … let’s each present our views and see if we can find a middle ground.  Even if we cannot find that middle ground, we will have each gained a better understanding of why we think the way we do.  This is good for a friendship, it is good for opposing factions within a nation, and it is good for international relations – much better than lobbing bombs.  This is how civilized society remains civilized.

However, when two people disagree and one of those people has neither facts nor sound basis for his views, then his…

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One thought on “Tears of Shame … Again

  1. Often the middle ground is an unhealthy place to be … mostly because of the bullets flying both ways across it.

    Most people prefer to ponder for not long enough, come to a fixed definite conclusion, firm their ‘mind’, run up their flags and be right despite any (ignorant) opposition.

    Hence we have (thank God!) energetic discussions (in which XXXX is always right) (and anyone who disagrees is is a definitive imbecile).

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