Politics in an Adversarial Society

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The U.S. is a sports-crazy nation.  We seem to love the idea that “our” team is always supposed to beat the “other” team — whomever they might be.

Our legal system is an adversarial system.  We aren’t concerned with justice,  we are concerned that everyone has a right to a legal defense.  It matters not whether they committed a crime; it only matters whether they were found guilty in a court of law — not a court of justice.

Out of a total of 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators (535 total in Congress), lawyers comprise the biggest voting block of one type, making up 43% of Congress. Sixty percent of the U.S. Senate is lawyers. There are 81 Republicans in Congress who list “lawyer” as their profession.
— Quora

Congress is no longer representative of this nation.  Not when almost half of the members there are from a single…

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