Clean Energy Innovation is not Enough

Embrace Serendipity

Politicians love easy, painless solutions.  The problem is that some problems cannot be solved in painless baby-steps. Sometimes the problem being faces is gargantuan and people who depend on public support cower at the thought of antagonizing their constituents.  Which is why the U.S. Constitution was never designed for career politicians.  Right now we are facing a dilemma of that sort and cowardly career office holders are doing their best to avoid doing their job.

To tackle climate change, clean-energy innovation isn’t enough. Forget renewable energy for a moment. To really fight climate change, the world needs to focus far more on cutting its use of oil, natural gas and coal. Like adding salad to your pasta doesn’t help you lose weight, adding cleaner energy to a world run on fossil fuels won’t cut greenhouse gas emissions. Yet that’s what we’re doing now.

This idea is the biggest upshot of…

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