His Dark Materials

Ad campaigns, promotional trailers, social media jibber-jabber and spoiler alerts create hype, expectation and collective judgement long before most entertainment has a chance to resonate with the masses. Rare is an opportunity to stumble upon entertainment without external bias. Yesterday, blissfully rare ignorance arrived in the form of His Dark Materials – from opening credits to end of season one, episode seven, I devoured this HBO gem. Hadn’t read the books, never heard of the author or series, couldn’t stop watching if I tried. In my book that’s a powerful and satisfying accomplishment.

A link for those who can’t live without background – https://www.chatelaine.com/living/entertainment/his-dark-materials-canada/ For everyone else watch it or not, but know I fell hard for His Dark Materials.

a little girl wearing a red jumper looks at a compass

Dafne Keen and her pine marten daemon in ‘His Dark Materials’

A woman wearing a blue dress walknig down a stone hallway with a tiger trailing behind her

Ruth Wilson and her daemon golden monkey in ‘His Dark Materials’

An armoured polar bear

7 thoughts on “His Dark Materials

  1. I started with The Golden Compass (both the book and the movie), then I read His Dark Materials.
    Until recently, I wasn’t aware that they went forward and made the movie.
    *my understanding is that the christian community shot down production plans*
    I haven’t seen any advertising for such an endeavor.

    However, I want to view it someday.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I had been wavering about whether or not to watch it. Now I’ll give it a try. Merry Christmas and hope your holidays are restful!

  3. Phil Pullman? I remember blitzing when they first came out—I think I enjoyed them, but I guess not really all that memorable. Without trying to be a spoiler, didn’t one of his works finish with the young couple impossibly close?

  4. I have “The Golden Compass” and wondered if they would ever make a sequel… I don’t do TV so I’ll have to wait until they put the HBO series up for sale and buy it, or failing that, look for the books. I certainly like “The Golden Compass” though it was little more than a teaser, or spoiler.

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