Stratospheric Rarity

Rare polar stratospheric clouds known as nacreous or mother of pearl clouds were captured in timelapse by Adrien Mauduit of Night Lights Films. Stratospheric iridescence requires extreme cold, abundance of high altitude moisture and precisely timed low horizon sunlight striking ice crystals for a moment in time. Ponder stratospheric rarity –

3 thoughts on “Stratospheric Rarity

    • The farthest North I’ve lived is Grande Prairie, Alberta – 459 Km northeast of Edmonton, far enough north, residents received the “northern allowance” grant at tax time, We had daylight at midnight during summer, winter months the sun barely got above the horizon for a few hours. I was 21, gob smacked by northern light shows and mysteriously unique clouds. That experience had a profound impact on my life. 🙂

      • I know it has marked you!!! My sister went above the polar circle in Finland last month and the photos she showed look exactly the same as the Jura mountains where I Live and where Adrian grew up. Except for the skies!

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