Apple Of Your Patriot Eye

Dear Trump-Nation,

Trump is on his third chief of staff, fourth national security advisor, fourth defense secretary, fifth secretary of homeland security, sixth deputy national security advisor and seventh communications director. Would it offend you terribly if I asked how this resonates with you? Not wishing to upset sensibilities of card carrying Trump-nation supporters, is it presumptuous to ask how you rationalize the fore mentioned administration failures?

Understandably, fake news driven witch hunts weigh heavily on your minds. Fervent defense of Trump can’t be easy, I’m sure it takes a toll on your well being. After all, life is tenuous without personal health and safety. Speaking of health, do you know Trump’s administration fired the entire pandemic chain of command in 2018?  Fired and never filled the position of global health security expert until yesterday when he named Ken Cuccinelli (regular Fox News contributor and failed Virginia Republican candidate for Governer ) as head of Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force?

Far be it for me to criticize the greatest president in U.S. history, apple of your patriot eye for appointing a Lawyer turned politician to chair the coronavirus task force.  A man without a shred of science or medical training whose first challenge played out on Twitter, attempting to access the coronavirus map without success. (See link below)


3 thoughts on “Apple Of Your Patriot Eye

  1. LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! — And obviously, this comment is not from a member of Trump Nation.

    Sidenote — you know, of course, that the Pied Piper knows how to play all the tunes his followers like, no matter how off-key they are.

  2. I never vote. As the cliché goes: “Don’t vote — it only encourages them!”

    My principle reason being that yes, I would indeed vote—IF

    IF there were anyone worth voting for. And sadly, anyone putting himself up for, or selling herself for, a political office is a con-man. Con-lady. Con-artist … and I am not lightly nor easily conned. Ya want the definition of ‘sheeple’? Look no further than any (yes—ANY) voter.

    EOS and QED.

  3. Then again, I’ve studied ‘form’ long enough to know I’d make a brilliant politician, good for all folks in any office. There’s be a free chicken in every pot, and a free pot for anyone without pot. (Which comes first, the chicken or the pot?) And to score the younger generation’s vote there’d be free pot for them too, and anyone else wanting an escape from reality that’s almost as acceptable as political promises.

    Oh … and no more wars either. We lions would all sit down with lambs and negotiate; once we’ve scrapped all them silly aircraft carriers and submarines and nuclear weapon things … and everyone else would follow our example, ‘cos if WE can do it, what have they to lose?

    See — I’d be brilliant in office. Vote ME for President of the US and you’ll never regret it.

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