Apology Not Accepted

A search of Alberta based X-Site Energy Services promotes the company as “innovative and dynamic service provider ” operating in the oil & gas sector. A energy sector dependant company specializing in water management and heating for fracking, transportation of water for drilling and energy production. Sadly for X-Site and countless oil sand dependant persons, abrupt cessation of tar sand oil extraction caught Albertans off guard. I get it, they’re angry. Salad days are over and it sucks.

Here’s the thing – adversity doesn’t give anyone the right to maliciously target others for economic circumstance beyond control. Case in point –  X-Site Energy Services spent today publicly apologizing for distribution of a sticker depicting climate activist Greta Thunberg being sexually assaulted. The decal with black and white drawing of a bare female back, hands tugging on braided pigtails, read “Greta” and proudly displayed X-Site Energy name. Details of X-Site apology linked below are flabbergasting.


Sorry X-Site, apology not accepted.



6 thoughts on “Apology Not Accepted

  1. I remember cartoons of one Mr Hitler and a Mr Musso and a toothy Tojo etc all being depicted unflatteringly, and no-one objected. Times change.

    Public eye, seeking to control wealth, production, lives … one has to expect a bit of lampooning, no?

  2. It’s difficult to glean from the article whether X site is directly responsible or whether this was someone on the outside.
    But why on earth would anyone use such an image and include the name Greta?
    All round it comes across as just plain weird.

  3. But I do get your point. Looking at the psychology behind that shot, and to whom it is aimed — not good. Ideas should be confronted with rational discourse in which force plays no part.

    Intriguingly, did you see my recent post with the (gulp!) title ‘QUICKIE’? You really should—you know, Freedom Of Speech and of information and all that old fashioned wimpy jazz. (So why wouldn’t nice man allow that reporter-type close to his Messiah?)

  4. In polite society we don’t like to talk about the actions of fringe points of view — except I’m coming to realize that the misogyny and abuse of women in general including the use of force is a lot more widespread than public society wants to admit. People close ranks and try to pretend that they didn’t mean what they said/wrote/did but the fact of the matter is that if no one calls them on their behavior and if society doesn’t make it clear that equality IS equality, and force is not acceptable the factions that favor it, the factions that would just as soon never seen a female of any age have any power at all will only continue to spout their views and sitting quietly by and behaving in a quiet, polite way will only make it easier for them to avoid behaving in a civilized way. Surely a lot of people saw the stickers before they became public knowledge — the fact that they could get through the entire concept / artwork / production process speaks to a good number of people ignoring what they saw, and turning a blind eye. That is not an accident and their apology ought NOT to be accepted. Grrrrrr.

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