Worm Of Life

Meet ikaria wariootia, ancient wormish creature roughly the size of a grain of rice. New research dubs it 1st ancestor on the tree of life for most animals including humans. Geologists unearthed fossilized remains of ikaria wariootia in Nilpena, South Australia. A 555 million year old common ancestor from the Ediacaran Period now considered the worm of life by California/Riverside scientists Scott Evans and Mary Droser.

Their research was published on March 23, 2020 in the peer reviewed journal Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences. What makes this worm special? Two words – bilateral symmetry. Earliest evidence of an organism with distinct front and back, two symmetrical sides, an opening at either end connected by a gut – mandatory blueprint specifications for all lifeforms to come. An organized bilateral body plan by which all dinosaurs, insects, animals and humans rely on. Take a moment to read the link below.

Meanwhile, ponder a tiny worm lending substance to the story of evolution. Primordial ooze set evolution in motion, today the worm of life defines a solid marker in evolution. Delight in knowing the first ancestor in the tree of life was a worm. Outstanding in my books.

Short worm-like creature crawling through sea-floor mud leaving a track.

Was this the ancestor of all animals?


29 thoughts on “Worm Of Life

  1. (a) that ‘ancestor’ looks like a Photoshop creation

    (b) did you get Jesus’s permission to post the piccie?

    • When He created the first of ’em, did He wear a blindfold and do it all by touch?

      Don’t write it off as frivolous … they’re clever, those gods.

      • If he’d been clever, pretty sure something more aesthetically pleasing than a worm would hail as our 1st ancestor. Not even sure if worms are allowed in Heaven. Damn you! Now I’m contemplating what heavenly doves snack on. Maybe nobody eats in Heaven, sparing the indignity of lowly worms nibbling at enlightened toes. Argh!

      • It was spontaneous. Keep in mind that Jesus was very young then, and rather impulsive. He also needed to show daddy he could “do it”. He already knew that some of those gods had a habit of eating their kids if they felt threatened or belittled by them. Tread carefully around Big Daddy, mom said. If he’s in “that” mood, don’t go in the office. Making a worm would have seemed both, impressive for a kid, and inoffensive. So he fooled the Old Man and it took like millions of years before Dad got even at Calvary. Many heard that last cry, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani!” Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.

      • Except that it was daddy who made the worm in his week long creation frenzy, it was Jesus who had some explaining to do. Sidebar – still don’t know if worms are allowed past the pearly gates.

      • If they are doing any kind of decent agriculture, they’ll need worms. Take it from someone in the Fraser Valley. I like all heavenly speculations since the experts on heaven, like Yahweh and Jesus are awfully closed mouthed about that particular landscape. I won’t be going there but I still want to know if they have warm oceans and mile song sandy nude beaches. Travel restrictions? Segregated sectors? Can you turn off the angel choirs? Ditch the white robes? Ski slopes? Canoe races? On that silly topic, did you ever watch the movie, “The Invention of Lying”? The part about “the Man in the Sky” is priceless.

      • So many excellent questions. Haven’t caught your recommendation but will look for it. As for worms, they’re the best. I judge my garden soil by the number of worms.

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