Super Pink Grass Egg

Folklore in North America regards the April full moon as Pink, Grass or Egg Moon. When the full moon coincides with perigee ( closest point in elliptic lunar orbit to Earth ) it’s called a Supermoon. Tonight’s pink supermoon boasts closest lunar perigee of 2020, a mere 356,909 km distance from Earth.

Year’s biggest and brightest supermoon on April 7-8

Moments ago I ushered my husband and son outside to the telescope. Nothing short of joy describes their reaction. A Moon so full and bright my son grabbed sunglasses to fully appreciate jaw dropping resolution. Can’t remember the last time anything made me as happy.

Lost track of how many times I’ve posted this video. Without hesitation, here it is again – three minutes of cosmic wonder guaranteed to evoke childhood wonder and imagination.

Couldn’t let this Pink Moon set without a nod to Nick Drake –

10 thoughts on “Super Pink Grass Egg

  1. Everything is so much clearer over here. Stargazing is quite something without the usual Jo’ burg smog.
    Had an old girlfriend who was mad about this bloke back in the day. Never saw the appeal t’be honest.

      • I’ve read women also adore the other side of the coin – the Hendrix / Jim Morrison type.
        Thank the gods for my sake there were enough women left who liked ”ordinary”.

      • This woman adored Drake, Hendrix and Morrison. We’re a fickle bunch. Don’t even try to figure us out. All that matters is knowing most of us also consider ordinary, extraordinary.

      • Well,I can cut hair, cook, play a bit of guitar, and I DON’T do drugs. I also have all my own teeth and pretty much all of my hair!


      • Can’t speak for all women but this one assures you men have yet to figure women out. The fore mentioned attributes, while impressive, are no substitute for character.Women gravitate toward perceived essence of a man, Curious topic worth further ponders.

  2. To get back to moon gazing … couldnt see it last night because I don’t have a view to the East. Just now ( 05:32 Pacific) I spent a few minutes looking out and up to the WSW and actually did some pondering on that ‘cold hearted orb’. If there was ever a time to ponder, this is it.

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