Pandemic App

Yesterday Google and Apple announced partnership details pertaining to development of a COVID-19 tracking app. When launched, the opt-in platform would use Bluetooth to keep tabs on your whereabouts and interaction with personal contacts. Ostensibly to send email alerts if anyone you’ve had close contact with tests positive for COVID-19. The fine print explains –

“It works a bit like exchanging contact information with everyone you meet, except everything is designed to be anonymous and automatic. Instead of contact info, your smartphone will periodically exchange anonymized tracing keys with nearby devices. Both devices maintain a list of the keys they’ve collected on a cloud server, and when one person reports an infection, they have the option of sending an alert to people they’ve recently been in contact with. That alert will share information for what those people should do next.” From

See the source image

In a perfect pandemic world, unprecedented solidarity between competing tech giants might be considered admirable. Trouble being, ours is anything but a perfect world and  red flags flap in the wind. Second phase of the Google/Apple partnership involves contact tracking functionality built in to Android and Apple phone operating systems. Excuse me? I urge you to read the link above.

16 thoughts on “Pandemic App

    • I have a phone but it doesn’t seem to be very smart or terribly useful. I still have to do everything myself, including cooking and vacuuming. Sure I can talk on it but I don’t thing it has improved my conversation at all. What’s with that?

  1. Big Brother flexing his muscles. Who are the first chosen victims huh? The believers, the ones who never question and certainly never fight back. When are they instituting the 2 minute hates?

  2. The low tech alternative is carrying health booklets or slightly less low tech, Bluetooth enabled health certificates. The we can then filter contagious people out of shopping malls, just like we do with people carrying weapons.

    I’m under no illusion that my digital privacy is a thing. We just pretend it’s a thing.

    We’re on a planet that has almost 3 times as many people than when I was born. We’re running out of space and this has led to over dependence on globalization, increase of radical crazies (including gun toting citizens) and now a virus; the first in a series, apparently.

    If we want to preserve our privacy, stop having kids and recreate a world where we can walk past the grocery on the way to our local job. Where clothing is made by the seamstress down the street. Just like when I was a kid in the 60’s.

    Until then, preserving privacy is a lovely and quaint concept. We need digital networks to manage this crazy world, including tracking sickoes with guns, terrorist recruiters, child molesters and who knows, people that have killer diseases track me all you want. The US, Chinese and Russian intelligence, Emirati, Australian and most European intelligence services already have all my details. As do Apple and Google, incidentally.

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