Zoonotic Ponder

Zoonotic ( zoonoses ) refers to infectious disease transmitted from animals to humans. Hard fact – over 60% of infectious disease contracted by humans are zoonotic, 75 % of new emerging diseases have zoonotic origins. From mosquito, rodent, bat, flea, beaver,  to water contaminated courtesy cow dung, nature doesn’t blink at inflicting humanity with respiratory or gastrointestinal disease. Zoonotic encompasses viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic human infection.


Chances are COVID-19 is zoonotic, so why all the conspiracy jibber-jabber? The SARS outbreak of 2002-2004 is widely accepted as zoonotic transmission from cave dwelling horseshoe bats in Yunnan Province, China to humans via intermediary civet cat hosts. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak (and if you believe China is actually cracking down on farmed wildlife destined for sale as meat ) exotic wildlife for human consumption never raised a brow in China. Have conspiracy theorists forgotten viral videos of Chinese foodies chomping the head off bats in high end restaurants, or annihilating live baby mice in a bowl of broth? By what stretch of imagination did conspiracy ignore zoonotic covid-19 infection in favour of some nefarious bio-weapon laboratory goof?

I’m tired of conspiracy theorists pointing hysterical fingers at everything from Bill Gates to secretive new world orders, biological warfare or targeted population purge. I get it, people are upset, they’re in denial, searching for something to blame. Anything is possible, but until evidence proves otherwise – COVID-19 is zoonotic.  Everyone needs to chill.



13 thoughts on “Zoonotic Ponder

  1. Hello Notes to ponder. I meant to post this here and I mistakenly post it in my own comments. Here it is again in the proper place. Hugs

    Hello Notes To Ponder. I find this a perfect case of the Dunning–Kruger effect and cult tribalism. Their great Dear Leader can not be wrong, his henchmen SPTV get the words from him so they must be correct and believed. The rush to never admit being wrong is overwhelming in them, because they are normally always wrong. They deny reality because it doesn’t match their wants and needs. Their world view is a mashed mix of make believe to make them right and feel better. IMO. The cure is education, and the Republicans and religious leaders have tried their best to kill that. Hugs

  2. I’m reading Spillover by David Quammen.
    You might like it…written in 2012…but very prophetic

  3. But … but … but … if Trump were to admit the virus was zoonotic, he wouldn’t be able to blame someone else! How would he ever be able to function?

    • Well, scheduled for tomorrow anyway…

      I can understand the “Truth is I’m not sure I’ll ever work again as a event manager” comment. This is changing a lot of what we thought were rules and now we are realizing they are just “as-has-been’s”

      So much of public opinion now is about blaming and not blaming but there isn’t a whole lot of thoughtful consideration to how this is going to change people’s lives longterm. Just last evening Peg & I had a conversation with her brother and sister-in-law who are in Nevada/California. She kept talking about “how long is this going to last” as if she really expected to be able to go back to living life as they had until March. He has just finished — a few days ago — a round of cancer treatments and acting as if his immune system wasn’t compromised is such a short-sighted outlook but yet there you are. Perfectly rational people are having a huge problem accepting that Normal will never be the same again. There will be a new normal and it will be different, not the same, somehow altered, and no matter how hard we try to make the world like it was pre-COVID-19 it won’t be.

      Kinda like the 5 stages of grief? Grieving for a life that is dead…

      • Well said. To those clicking on or promoting viral conspiracy theory, voicing impatience over returning to normal or disregarding safe distancing practices I say – smarten up, face the sobering fact life will never be the same despite what Trump hubris blithers.

      • It’s going to be hard for some to accept that simple fact, that life will never be the same. So easy to say; yet complicated beyond imagination to live. Stay safe my friend. I’m glad I’m beyond having to stay employed; but my heart goes out to those on the other side of the retirement line. So many are hurting, and so many former jobs will have to be very much different than they were before.

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