Next Please

It’s hard to remember when I stopped laughing at Trump antics. Once initial shock of president elect Trump wore off, exchanging guffaws with like minded people lent hope to a seemingly desperate situation. Now, on day 1,207 of America according to Trump, anyone still clucking disbelief needs to wake up. For whatever reason, this clip from today’s White House briefing punctuates Trump absurdity –


6 thoughts on “Next Please

  1. Hello Notes to Ponder. Such a leader, turns tail and runs because he can not handle reporters asking him questions he doesn’t like. Why the cult thinks of him as a tough guy I have no clue. He basically took the ball and went home because he couldn’t be the star of the show and team captain. Hugs

  2. I actively try to avoid listening to him. Dumb as it sounds I find it less offensive to read his gibberish than to actually have to listen to it.

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