Incel Terrorism

Incel stands for involuntarily celibate, hash-tag/moniker of a profoundly misogynistic online community united by feelings of sexual rejection. Long simmering Incel hatred of women took root years ago in shadowy forums and alt-right chatter hubs. Amid a plethora of mass shootings and violent crime the Incel movement went largely unnoticed until now. Today, Canada elevated Incel aggression to criminal act of terrorism.

In February 2020 a 17 year old machete wielding male entered a Toronto massage parlour, killing Ashley Noelle Arzaga, seriously wounding two more women. Ontario police arrested the suspect on site, initially charging him with first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. Further investigation brought in the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team when evidence indicated the attack was motivated by Incel ideology. On May 19, 2020 RCMP updated charges to, “murder – terrorist activity.”

Incels favour “Chad” and “Stacey” as namesakes for hate and envy.  Chad men are attractive but intellectually flawed, Stacy are women who reject incels for Chads. Don’t scoff, this is deeply messed up psychology.  Serious enough for Canada to lay terrorism charges against a young man attacking women at a Toronto massage parlour.

Incel motivated violence against women isn’t new. The link below illustrates numerous atrocities directed at women by awkward inductees of this murky online movement. What’s new, dare I say historical is Canada’s interpretation of the offence.

Ours is not a Chad and Stacy world. Ours is a online world where Chad and Stacy loathing involuntary celibates bloom in basement solidarity. Right, wrong or knee jerk Canadian perspective, as of May 19, 2020 intel motivated violence is an act of terrorism in Canada.

What is the ‘incel’ movement that police allege inspired a terrorist attack at Toronto massage parlour?

8 thoughts on “Incel Terrorism

  1. Wow … sounds like the epitome of having a screw loose, as my dad would say.
    It is at such times I cherish my ignorance.
    Growing vegetables, walking the dog, cooking and playing my guitar ( not all at the same time) seem much better alternatives.

    • Once upon a time awkward individuals were considered geeks or nerds, adolescent misfits who prevailed to become tech wizards, mathematicians, musicians, poets or mid-level management accountants. Now all these low self esteem, video game basement dwellers have to do is subscribe to misogynist tonic. So twisted!

  2. Thinking or identifying one’s self as being a member of Incel is like advertising that one is a total failure. Killing women is a continuation of the failure in that it is exactly backwards to the right target.

    • I don’t think that anyone should kill anyone except in self-defense. But to a mind missing a few screws anything can be acceptable; and too often is. So perhaps folks should be taught (from birth, wow!) how to actually think, properly, for themselves? (Wow! A world with no more Christians and Moslems and other numberless things — ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.)

      • Wouldn’t it be something if people were taught how to think rather than what to think?

        Yes, this will be on the test.

        Ha! I crack me up.

  3. I have nothing against women and never have. In fact, they are almost the same as people; heck, I even married one …

  4. “Involuntarily celibate” sounds more like someone who can’t ‘get a bit’ than by choice.

    Outright failures, in other words. No?

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