Archie Williams

In 1982 Archie Williams was charged and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit – rape/stabbing of a white woman. Despite three witnesses testifying he was home, no crime scene fingerprint match, he was sentenced to life without chance of parole. Case closed, white justice, black man in jail. Archie was sent to Louisiana’s Angola State Prison, arguably America’s most brutal institution. Archie wallowed in Angola for 37 years. But for the Innocence Project reopening his case, using modern DNA technology and fingerprint data bases proving the crime was committed by a serial rapist – Archie Williams would have toiled in Angola chain gangs to his dying breath.

Last night Archie Williams told his story on America’s Got Talent. Everyone needs to watch this clip, ask themselves how many more Archie Williams fill U.S. prisons for no reason other than they’re black men.

2 thoughts on “Archie Williams

  1. Wow! So sad inspiring. I posted the video on my Facebook.
    Thanks for this. I hope he has a good life from here on out.

  2. NtP,

    I have read and watched stories like this for many years and every single one of them are a crushing blow to the reliability of our federal and state justice systems. Cases across the nation like Archie Williams’ is a rude awakening to Americans who adhere to our Constitutional democracy and the Rule of Law for any and ALL Americans without bias or racism.

    There is for the most part a GLARING REASON why the vast majority of our federal and state incarceration rates are of non-caucasian inmates! We are a white nation of self-appointed gods/goddesses sitting in the chairs of unrelenting judgement. Period.

    Unrelenting judgement as opposed to higher virtues: compassion, empathy, and unrelenting tolerance for truly equitable solutions. The one place to start (out of many) are our public independent education systems, from pre-K up to under-grad.

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