Nectrous Botanicals

Meet my daughter, driving force behind Nectrous Botanicals. Nectrous began as an idea in her kitchen. She did everything right – Health Canada certification, strict adherence to philosophy of natural ingredients and unwavering belief in her brand. Against all odds, notably the proliferation of small batch soap crafters selling bars at local markets, her products stood out. She secured studio space, went into full production. Local stores started carrying Nectrous, within weeks one store became five. Before long Nectrous appeared on shelves from Calgary and Edmonton to Toronto and Montreal.

Staying afloat, treading water despite insurmountable odds is the stark reality of countless small businesses like Nectrous impacted by pandemic shut-downs. While government initiatives and bail outs go to established corporations, businesses like Nectrous are on their own. It’s important to ponder impact of pandemic times on small business.

Unapologetic promotion, order a bar at

9 thoughts on “Nectrous Botanicals

  1. I hope her success continues! ๐Ÿ™‚ (her name is the same as our youngest grandchild! – Ivy Alexandra)

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