Try To Live With Polite Spiders

Several months ago a tiny spider appeared on the bathroom windowsill. I said hello. Odd as this sounds, Spring doesn’t officially arrive until a polite spider homesteads on my bathroom sill. It’s been that way every year of twenty one lived in this house. Suffice to say welcoming spring spider, keeping her polite existence to myself is problematic. Mine is not a family of arachnid sympathizers. I clean around her, know that when startled she retreats through a vent in the aluminum window frame and hope for the best. In two months she’s doubled in size. Twice as large, neither a threat or concern – polite spiders know their place.

Arachnophobia is real, I get it. Expecting others to embrace polite house spiders is a big ask. That said it’s important to understand how vital spiders are to the balance of nature. Their prime directive is to control insect populations be it aphid, fly, moth or mosquito. Everyone needs to relax, understand house spiders are polite and predictable without a lick of animosity toward the human race.

Why is it I embrace the annual appearance of polite bathroom spiders while my family feels obliged to eradicate them with insecticide, wads of tissue or unceremonious suction of a vacuum hose? All because house spiders are demonized as vile marauders!  Oh my goodness, they’re not malicious, it’s so disheartening. I’m not asking you to hug spiders, I’m asking for restraint. Share your home with spiders, they mean no harm and conduct themselves with polite propriety if left alone. Sigh.


7 thoughts on “Try To Live With Polite Spiders

  1. We keep an empty matchbox (sliding tray type) labelled ‘spiders’ especially for any spiders in the house. Box is slid open, placed above spider, lowered, and tray slid back in with dreaded beast inside. Spider is released outside where spiders belong and that’s that. If they are clever enough or fast enough to not get caught it’s Plan B …

  2. I am proud to say that I have finally brought my crew around.
    While my son is still not a major fan he will do nothing to harm any spider, inside or out, and if one might ea bit too close for his comfort one of us is summoned to gently remove and relocate.

      • Thankfully, no more killing goes on at our spot, even when it comes to medically significant arachnids – which are very few and very far between.
        Understanding has overcome fear brought on by ignorance.
        Now … if only …. 🙂

  3. I try to accommodate my spiders with low rental rates, that sort of thing. I think they appreciate that. Some inevitably end up getting sucked in the vacuum but hey, it’s their equivalent of a free ride at Disney World. I let them out in the back yard and it’s up to them to figure how to get back home…

  4. Hello Notes. I’m back.
    I think spiders are cool. They’ve been around for 400,000,000 years. You have to be good at your job to make that happen, and at no point did they become successful by killing and eating humans.

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