4 thoughts on “So that we remember

  1. I doubt much will happen in any meaningful way. Meaningful change usually comes about after some form of legislation, for or against.
    It is slow and ponderous. Best to consider it as part of our evolutionary process – we’ll get there …. eventually.

    • Damn. I was gonna say much the same as Ark.

      To create such legislation means motivating the masses sufficiently to get them to pressurise their elected officials (ie, make ’em fear for their sinecures).
      As was said in the seventies “A bit like mating elephants … a lot of trumpeting and bellowing and takes years to get any results”.

      • On saying this …. part of the demonstrations in Bristol(UK) involved the toppling of a statue of some bloke called Edward Colston – whom I’d never heard of – and dumping it in the River Severn.
        He was a merchant and one of the commodities he traded in was slaves!
        Wonderful, right?
        Who knew? Not moi, as they didn’t teach this stuff in history class at my school.

        Furthermore, Colston is regarded as somewhat of a philanthropic fellow, donating some of his hard-earned shekels to various charities.
        However, only those charities etc that aligned with his particular religious and political views.

        The same day I also discovered that my old stomping ground of Chester up in the north west of Blighty was once a slave port! WTF! They certainly didn’t mention this when we wos lernin’ about the Romans when Chester, or Deva as it was called, ran the place.

        Imagine being born and raised in Bristol as a black person – as the current Mayer just happens to be – and having to walk past Colston’s statue every day on your way to work?

        Humans, eh? They can be beautiful and brilliant, but also quite loathsome.

  2. Dammit … I misread the inscription as ‘Churchill’. Memo to self, bigger viewing screen next time. Sheesh, dum’ dog!

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