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I know the majority of people in this … or any nation … are decent human beings who care about the planet, wildlife, and their fellow humans.  At least … I hope that’s still the case.  But those ‘bad apples’ sure do stink and they seem to be everywhere you look!  The latest example that slapped me across the face this morning was this one …bitch-womanThis woman was part of a counter-protest during a Black Lives Matter event in Branson, Missouri, on Sunday.  Okay, the confederate flag is offensive enough, but we’re used to the fools waving those things around. And the maga hat … it doesn’t even offend anymore … it is a joke.  It was what she screeched at the Black Lives Matter protestors that caused my jaw to drop …

“I will teach my grandkids to hate you all!”

Then she got to her feet with…

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4 thoughts on “Inhumanity

  1. People are mostly products of Environment and Conditioning; leavened, occasionally, with a modicum of independent rational thinking.

    The only way to create change is (literally) to break out—you know, incremental (evolution) change or ‘catastrophic’ change. Incremental is evolution in practise, catastrophic is a lot more rapid and sometimes painful, but cannot be ignored.

    Ya wanna change? Go to the grassroots and then work up. OR—

    —get a few guns and a few followers. And that seems to be where it’s at. The extant conditioning runs very deep, no?

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