Maid of the Mist….

Tourist mecca Niagara Falls straddles the 49th parallel, Canadian province Ontario on one side, New York State on the other. No visit to Niagara Falls is complete without an excursion on Maid of the Mist, a sight seeing journey guaranteed to soak blue plastic raincoats regardless of which side of the border you shell out for the privilege.

Today, pandemic times courtesy Maid of the Mist serve as a stark reminder as to why COVID rages out of control in America while Canada flattens the curve. Ponder this image – see all the blue raincoats on upper deck of U.S. Maid of the Mist? Cast your gaze down to the Canadian boat, see any blue coats? I rest my case.

niagara-falls-covid-hornblower-maid-of-the-mist.JPG (620×349)

3 thoughts on “Maid of the Mist….

  1. Back when Chernobyl exploded and a cloud of radioactive dust blew west over Europe, a number of countries stopped selling milk because of concerns that cows might have been grazing and on radioactive grass.

    I live on the Swiss French border and at that time you could buy milk in French shops but nit Swiss shops even though they were only a few kilometers separated. The explanation we were given by the politicians was that the cloud hadn’t passed the border so mill was safe.

    Perhaps the same happened at the Niagara Falls and virus didn’t cross the river…


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