2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Hello Notes To Ponder. The images of violence and rioting used in the tRump adverts are what is happening on tRump’s watch, not Biden’s. Plus one of the misleading advertisements has a picture of a police officer on the ground surrounded and being attacked, which is from the Ukraine in 2014 not today in the US.

    The problem with the defund the police movement is the wording is clumsy and easy to misinterpret. We do need to demilitarize the police in the US, we simply do not need an occupying army of military dressed / armed people to patrol the streets and enforce speeding laws for example. Police need to stop being an authority of their own in the US and return to being an arm of the community for community safety. People hear defund the police and are told it means no police at all, which is incorrect. Hugs

  2. I will be so glad when January 20th arrives, Joe Biden takes office, and Donald Trump, along with Melania and all their possessions are carried out by armed militia! Then, perhaps, we might begin to start fixing all that he has broken in the past nearly 4 years and stop hearing his ludicrous lies. Sigh.

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