Priorities USA

Watch this ad (it’s only 30 seconds) produced by Priorities USA, largest Democratic PAC (political action committee), translation high value donor acquisitions in support of electing a Democratic president. By law, Priorities USA is legally prohibited from coordinating with candidates on their campaigns. As are Republican PACs Lincoln Project, America FIRST and so on. Political action committees can’t contribute money directly to politicians, what they can do is spend untold millions on advertising. We’ve all seen their ads, blah, blah, blah “paid for by” this, that or the other brand of concerned citizens.

Lead MSNBC story on Rachel Maddow tonight featured controversy surrounding this ad. According to Maddow it was the first of its kind to air on TV way back in March, airing predominantly in swing states – Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.



Trump blew his comb-over, threatening to sue any television station airing the ad. Trouble is, State law in all but Wisconsin levy penalties and court costs against parties who waste court time, be it frivolous, harassment, for personal gain or plain old nonsense. What’s a Trump to do? Sue a tiny independent station in northern Wisconsin, duh! That’ll teach media not to mess with Trump. Sweet mercy, what a fool. Priorities USA immediately countered with deep pocket expansion of air time specific to this ad.

Here’s the thing, why splice together out of context Trump-bites for dramatic effect? What’s the point of giving Trump media attention when he calls bullshit on the above? Why create content where sites like PolitiFact (linked below) can shred it to pieces with “well yes, he said that but at different times and context”? All it does is piss him off. It’s like tossing an arsonist stranded in torrential rain with five gallons of gasoline, waterproof matches.

Trump is incompetent enough without giving him reason to toss a fit. There’s more than enough Trumpish zingers to go around without resorting to spliced jibber-jabber. Priorities USA, time for you and your kind to smarten up. Let Republican super PACs play dirty, all Democrats have to do is air unadulterated content. It’s not as if Trump absurdity is hard to find.

In closing, acting like a four year old is not presidential Mr. Trump.

4 thoughts on “Priorities USA

  1. Hello Notes To Ponder. I like it when these things get under tRump’s thin skin. I like it when it drives him bonkers. Then he says something really stupid that can be used against him correctly. Mostly at this point I just like it pisses him off. Hugs

    • I like it too but getting under his skin is like shooting ducks in a barrel – it’s so easy! What I was trying to say is he’s such a nincompoop, there’s no need to splice Trump jibber-jabber for dramatic effect. Best way to piss him off is irrefutable, on point context that nobody can claim misrepresents hiss intent. My goodness, there’s more than enough of that to go around. In my mind that’s how you yank his chain. 🙂

      • Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes you are correct. It is even better with out any manipulation, just using the stupid stuff he says in context. That hurts him the most because his people and cult member supporters can not claim it is fake. I agree with what you were trying to say and in fact did say. I just can not help taking a side eye pleasure in things that rip tRump up. That is hard for me to say because I have schooled my self to hold no ill will toward anyone , even those who raped me as a child. Yet the harm tRump has done to every one, the country, the world, I just have to admit I want him to be upset and tormented over the things he has done. Hugs

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