Calming Adrien Mauduit Timelapse

Still reeling from forced WordPress block editor assault, I need to calm down. What better way than Milky Way timelapse by Adrien Mauduit at Night Lights Films?

Take a deep breath Notes, you’ll figure this out. So what if adding a “classic editor” plugin requires upgrading to a $33 monthly business plan? Nice try WordPress, who do you think you are? Has WordPress forgotten millions of users like myself? Think users thirst for layers of bloated navigation? Fancy itself a social media influencer? Is nothing sacred? Nothing spared pressure to monetarize, distribute click bait or promote private enterprise for personal gain?

Milky Way timelapse represents hope. Hope I figured out how to post a video using block editor, hope I’ll learn intricacies of WordPress Gutenberg block editor and hope WordPress doesn’t forget what made it special.


Help! How do I banish convoluted WordPress block editor? Didn’t ask for it, can’t use it, not inclined to ask how high when WordPress says jump! I’m grumpy, frustrated and held hostage by inability to post content with ease. I’m posting without categories, tags or image because I can’t figure out how. SO MAD! Correction – added one tag before that option evaporated. ARGH!