Help! How do I banish convoluted WordPress block editor? Didn’t ask for it, can’t use it, not inclined to ask how high when WordPress says jump! I’m grumpy, frustrated and held hostage by inability to post content with ease. I’m posting without categories, tags or image because I can’t figure out how. SO MAD! Correction – added one tag before that option evaporated. ARGH!

15 thoughts on “HELP!

      • Hi.
        Peculiar,.. as in the

        Second Para
        ” How can I use the Classic Editor…” states

        “…The Classic Editor remains an option in the WP Admin dashboard in your account, regardless of your paid plan (if any! )…”

        Perhaps Chat To WP.?.
        Hope Helps. Good Luck.
        Till Next… Shiro

  1. I wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for a good blog hosting platform, but $33 per month is ridiculous.

    Google’s Blogger (which I use) recently tried to make everybody switch to a new interface, but seems to have backed down — August 24 was supposed to be the last day for the old interface, but it’s still available. They got a tidal wave of feedback pointing out that the new interface was clunky, glitch-riddled, and hard to use. Maybe if enough WordPress users complain, they’ll bring your old editor back. It depends how much they value their non-paying customers.

  2. Been there, done that. In spades …

    Am very reluctantly coming to grips with the new blocky thing (and hating it—such a convoluted load of garbage compared to effective simplicity, but hey … it keeps someone in a job). AND—

    —I’d change back at a moment’s notice if I could. (Sadly we beggars cannot be choosers …)

    • It’s a slippery slope once tech companies fancy themselves bigger than their britches. Reminds me of catering gigs at Facebook – absurdly strict accreditation at security, cell phone service disabled while on site, explicit instruction not to step off concrete flooring onto carpeted areas and warning not to speak ill of Mark Zuckerberg as it “will be heard and not taken kindly”. Oh my. 🙂

  3. Once before when WP played around with the layout –and while my blog was still in the Classic mode– I “bookmarked” the Admin page. So far (fingers crossed), it’s the page that comes up whenever I’m ready to write a post. I’m sure that if I were to ever “try” the new format (as they “suggest”), I’d be crying in my beer.

    This may not be of any help unless you’re able to get back to the Classic mode, but thought I’d offer it anyway.

  4. I was having problems with WordPress when my daughter switched m from Internet Explorer to Firefox a few months ago. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve had no issues with WP since then.

  5. Hello Notes To Ponder. I went round and round with WordPress support on the issue. So the solution for me is once the block editor comes up I click the + symbol and in the search box I type cla . That brings up a classic button block. Click that. Then you get a grey box across the top of the post, click the grey and it shows you all the classic tools and stuff like the old post page had at the top. Then I post as I use to with the classic editor. As long as you move to the new paragraph by using enter rather than click a new block it will stay in classic editor. Hope this helps. This new block editor is horrible for my type of posting. Hugs

  6. When blocks made their opus I hated them and couldn’t figure out a damned thing. Now a couple months later I still hate it but at least have twigged the few features I use.

    It you look at the new text in HTML view it’s way more complicated and verbose. Not sure what more complicated is “better” in their esteem.

    Doncha hate when companies change a thing and insist on telling you it’s an ‘improvement’ — seems making up my mind for myself determines the real ‘better’ 😤😤😤

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