Official Trump 2020 vs Democrat Poll

Feast your eyes on the face of America. Process this image of irreverent hubris, self satisfaction, reckless indifference and why the f**k should I care. Still holding your lunch down? Click on the link below tRump’s repugnant image. A link to his majesty’s very own website , a link to Trump 2020 vs Democrat poll. It’s up to you now, no spoiler alerts from Notes. Half the “fun” is reading Trump’s poll questions void of steely preparation for reality down this rabbit hole.

See the source image

13 thoughts on “Official Trump 2020 vs Democrat Poll

  1. Hello Notes To Ponder. I forgot to mention that it is all designed it seems to get the email and hopefully the other information to spam you. I would love to see the poll results but not willing to give them my email to do it. Hugs

    • I had no qualms about giving them my email address. It’s easy enough these days to categorise spam so that it doesn’t interfere with my life. I enjoyed spiting the Trump by selecting every one of the disrespectful, vile, hateful options.

      Sadly, of course, it’s blindingly obvious that even if this poll were to go the wrong way for this narcissist, the result would simply be buried.

  2. The saddest part, however, is that serious political operatives think this is the way to get their candidate elected. What that says about both them and the electorate is truly stunningly depressing.

      • You’ve been in mind a lot lately. We had a food reviewer do an article here about fully 1/3 of the recently reported COVID cases being traced back to dining out and seeing that put me in mind of you and your catering. Hope you’re keeping safe. We’re doing the best we can here.

      • Wow! 1/3 of cases linked to restaurants? That’s crazy! Here in B.C. all bars and restaurants were closed from March to end of May (take-out and delivery were allowed ) When they re-opened it was under strict guidelines – 50% capacity, 6 metres between tables, maximum of 6 people seated at a table, mandatory masks for all employees, plexi barriers at all service stations, contact tracing measures require name, address, phone number and email of all patrons. Truth is there hasn’t been a single outbreak traced to restaurants. If a employee tests positive, public notice is issued and the restaurant closes for several days out of a abundance of caution.
        Catering has been hit hard. I didn’t work from early March till mid June. Initially all events were banned. Around the time restaurants re-opened , up to 50 people (including staff) could gather outdoors provided health and safety guidelines were followed. Suffice to say I’ve worked small parties in backyards and alleys behind business offices. Worked a wedding last Saturday, 25 guests, so depressing. (Couple originally booked 250 guests for April wedding which obviously had to cancel, settled on 25 )
        I should mention total COVID deaths in B.C. is just over 200, under 10,000 in all of Canada.
        Lately, daily infection numbers have spiked in B.C., up from a handful in July/August to 100ish a day. As such nightclubs and banquet halls were ordered to cease operation immediately. In addition liquor sales must end at 10 pm, bars and restaurants must close at 11 pm. Music over “conversation level” is banned Logic being, loud music forces people to move closer to be heard or leads to shouting which spreads a greater amount of respiratory droplets. Meanwhile public schools opened on Sept. 10 ( I give it 2 weeks max before schools are forced to close )
        For now I’m back at work full time, albeit under a radically different business model. Early on, my boss understood survival meant creative adaptability. He secured a government contract, delivering thousands of frozen meals a week to residents of long term care and social housing complexes. A few weeks ago he was told overall health of residents had improved dramatically since receiving our meals.
        Anyway, I’m happy, healthy and optimistic this too shall pass. Biggest of hugs.

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