Illustrative Message to Trumpish Nincompoops

This photo accompanied a question on Quora posted by a member of Trumpnation. Query read – ” Does Joe Biden still make his teenage granddaughter kiss him on the lips during this coronavirus?” STILL? MAKE? News flash Trumpsters – all I see is a tender family moment, nothing creepy about it. By what stretch of imagination did you extrapolate “still make”?

Looking for inappropriately creepy? Ponder a gallery of Trump with his daughter –

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, perhaps both. Laugh for the enormity of flagrant disregard toward decades of documented smarmy Trump conduct, cry for realization this represents the desperation of catatonic MAGA zombies. Sweet mercy!

5 thoughts on “Illustrative Message to Trumpish Nincompoops

  1. Of course to the Trump-pets, the antics with his daughter are just him having fun! No sexuality involved at all! Moreover, from their perspective, with a “looker” like that for a daughter, why not?


  2. This year has been so surreal ~ covid-19 has been big, but when it comes to frustration it has taken a backseat to the deluge of crap and the displeasure Trump brings so many people… and I’ve been partially blessed living overseas and able to take a bit more of a break than my North American friends 🙂

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